Tegucigalpa Slippery Silks Beans


1 packet contains 5 seeds

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(Phaseolus vulgaris) This bean is reputed to be one of the smoothest skinned beans. It is extensively grown in Honduras and is the basis for national dishes. It has a very thin delicate skin and is traditionally cooked up on wood fires by country folk. The bean has a remarkable property in that they cook up quick and can be heated up many times without turning to mush. Here is an excerpt taken from the Los Angeles Times from 1999: “ Their focus is on the red silk bean, a remarkable legume that softens enough to eat after just an hour and a half of cooking. Unlike other beans, it retains its texture through reheatings. Thus, it is perfectly suited to the Central American countryside, where families must gather wood to keep the cooking fire burning. By cooking a big batch of beans and reheating them for several days, they save fuel and time.”


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