Plum Tigris Tomato


1 packet contains 10 seeds

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This variety is an open pollinated Russian variety, originally known as Сливовидный Полосатый – or Slivovidnyi Polosatyi. It was introduced in the early 2000’s into North America, but was incorrectly translated to “Plum Tigris”, rather than it’s original Russian meaning “Striped Plum”. This is an excellent variety for a range of climates and gardens. This tomato grows equally well in a large pot as it does in the ground, and is grown extremely well in a hot, humid climate, as well as a cooler coastal one. It’s easily adaptable making a fantastic choice for many growers. It has dry flesh, making it perfect for pastes, sauces, and for preservation. It also makes a great choice for home made salsas. It is a prolific plant, producing trusses of 4-5 oz delicious orange and red striped plum shaped fruit from a smaller 3-4 ft plant. The plant produces rugose regular leaves. Consistent watering is a must for this variety, as it will crack if it doesn’t have a good supply of water (especially in hotter climates). It demonstrates blossom end rot resistance.


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