Kapoor Tulasi


10 seeds per packet

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The most flavourful Tulasi that was so popular till some 20 years ago.  It has the flavour of Tulasi and Kapoor (Patchha Karpuram).

Kapoor Tulsi is popularly known as the Temple Basil to us. The sacred Tulsi plant that we adore, worship and respect at home is considered to be one of the plants with immense medicinal properties. In fact, scientists all over the world have been doing extensive research to discover its vast potential that could serve as a natural remedy for various life-threatening diseases.

Kapoor Tulsi is specially kept at homes because of the sweet fragrance – a scent that can drive away insects; Particularly it keeps away disease-causing mosquitoes thus acting as natural mosquito repellants.

Do not cover the seeds while germinating.  Keep them moist by spraying water two to three times a day till germination happens.

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Newly added Tulasi that is hard to find these days


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