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To connect people with food through a fun filled day designed to engage all five senses. Participants will discover heirloom and open pollinated plant species, harvest a wide variety of exotic fruits and vegetables, learn about vedic agriculture techniques and satisfy their appetites with a gourmet seasonal menu.

A perfect way for the whole family to spend a day in nature connecting with food from seed to mouthwatering meal!

You will learn about:

  1. Vedic Agriculture Techniques – To familiarize participants with the concepts and simple science behind vedic agriculture and its advantages over organic and chemical farming
  2. Indigenous and Heirloom Seeds – To introduce participants to heirloom and open pollinated seeds and showcase the collection that Hariyalee Seeds has cultivated over the last 8 years
  3. Bio-fertilizers and Natural Pest Control – Participants will get hands on and make a batch of bio-fertilizer and learn about natural pest control recipes
  4. Planting and Transplanting Different Varieties – Participants will learn simple thumb rules to plant different seeds, transplant seedlings into soil and the appropriate planting seasons for different species.
  5. Benefits of Home Gardening – Expose participants to simple and easy ways to start gardening at home



The final menu will be set 1 week before the meal based on the current seasonal harvest.

Previous menu items:

– Roasted sweet potato with a raw heirloom tomato salsa
– Fresh lemon basil pesto on toast with blueberries tomatoes
– Stuffed and roasted snake gourd
– Fresh lettuce and mustard rolls
– Wild rice salad
– Tomato and songla curry
– Burnt garlic and orange bulgur (rice based item)
– Curd rice
– Lemon Basil Mud

– Roasted sweet potato with a raw heirloom tomato salsa
– Lettuce and mustard rolls
– Tomato and basil curry
– Burnt garlic and orange bulgur (rice based item)
– Coconut mousse

Venue, Duration and Price:

Venue: Aditi Farms, Off Kanakapura Road, 5km from the Art of Living Ashram

Date: Open for reservations on all days expect Fridays and Mondays

Timings: 11am to 3pm (flexible for group reservations of 10+ people)

Pricing: Rs. 1500/ adult for the 5 course menu and Rs. 800/child under 12. Children under 6 are free

About Hariyalee

Hariyalee is built on the foundation of providing authentic and exotic foods cultivated using ethical agricultural inputs and business practices. Our farms and farmers are a living and thriving example of completely chemical free agriculture using ancient Vedic methods. These natural growing techniques are the lifeline in sustaining tasty, healthy and nutrient filled produce. Hariyalee also houses the largest collection of heirloom vegetables found in India featuring plant species from all over the world.

Contact us at or at 9980185100 for further information or click here to register for the experience.